INGLES (((((Fast Line))))) Turbo Psytrance Proyect Fast Line A.K.A Josue Recendiz, Producer and Musician since 2004 is the author of this project. coloborado in houses like, Alkimia Crew, Colectivo A23, Blazteroidz Rec, In-Psy-Rec Currently Collaborating With The Promised Moon Crystal Promoter Under the genre Psychedelic Trance, Fast Line is unique since in its native country Mexico has created the subgenre "Turbo Psytrance". Oscillating the production between 170 and 184 BPM with influences from the subgenre Darkpsy and structures of jazz, blues, rock, instrumental, Hi Tech ETC. Origin... It all started at 12 years of age playing the drums and learning from their family musicians, guitar and voice. When discovering that the rock did not fill his musical demand he began to deepen in the scene RAVE delighted by the '' Psytrance - Full On '' and with this He enriched his philosophy by learning piano and synthesizers and fiddle .. Currently it became ((Fast Line)) High-tech music, fast for demanding minds and fast processing ...

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