Leandro O. Hernandes is the mind behind TOT, from the countryside of São Paulo state in Brazil. He felt in love by electronic music when he was a child and through the years his influences were rising and soon he had contact with Trance and HardTrance. The desire to discover new sounds increased until he met Psytrance in the late 1990s. It didn't take long for him to start attending parties and festivals, falling even more in love with the genre.

In 2004, Leandro made a decision that would change his life, leave the dance floor and go to the stage to perform as Toten (Dj Set), where he developed his own mixing techniques, even performing at major events throughout Brazil.

The desire to evolve on his journey led Leandro to start studying music at a conservatory in his hometown in 2007. Soon he started studying sound designer and producing his own musics in 2009.

In 2018, TOT took shape and in short time has performed in major festivals such as Mundo de Oz Festival, Reveilloz, Gaia Connection, Samsara Festival, Respect Festival and Sonoora.

TOT, of Egyptian origin, is a mixture of melodic and psychedelic frequencies. The energy and progressive atmosphere with the lightness when transmitting the sounds, creates unique moments on the dance floor.

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